Justin & Autumn Stauffer

Enjoyed spending time with this family, capturing some moments in time.  This family has been a great inspiration to me, and I enjoy spending time with them. A lot of fun.

J&SS-1  J&SS-4J&SS-3 J&SS-6 J&SS-11 J&SS-14J&SS-21 J&SS-20J&SS-15  J&SS-27 J&SS-25  J&SS-28  J&SS-34 J&SS-36 J&SS-41J&SS-44J&SS-31J&SS-38   J&SS-48 J&SS-51 J&SS-54 J&SS-57 J&SS-60 J&SS-64J&SS-63  J&SS-66 J&SS-67 J&SS-72 J&SS-75


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