Wiland & Susan Bricker

What a lovely day for a lovely couple, Wiland and Susan Bricker.  This couple was married in Dallas Center Iowa, but make their home in Chambersburg, Pa.   I was honored to be asked to be their wedding photographer, and had a lot of fun.

Enjoy a small sneak peak..

W&S-1 W&S-3 W&S-32 W&S-9 IMG_9475-218 IMG_9433-195 IMG_9368-163  IMG_1804-54 IMG_9228-102 IMG_9218-97 IMG_9214-94 IMG_9190-83 IMG_9178-77 IMG_9159-67 IMG_9074-36 IMG_9045-29 IMG_1870-200IMG_9431-193 IMG_1872-202


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